Helldivers 2 Mic Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

Helldivers 2 players are facing a problem with in-game voice chat. Many say their mic stops working in a lobby. This is a big issue for lots of players. A user in the Steam community found a solution that helps. We will show you how to fix it.

How to fix Helldivers 2 Mic not working?

Engin a Steam user shared this solution for the mic issue in Helldivers 2:

  1. Open your Windows Sound Settings.
  2. Find your audio input devices.
  3. Click on each device.
  4. Choose “Not allow” for Windows to use each device.
  5. Do this for all but one device. The remaining one is your Helldivers mic.
  6. Hide other devices like microphones and cameras from Windows.
  7. This helps Helldivers detect your mic.
  8. Setting the Default Input Device might not work well with Helldivers.
  9. Now, you’re ready to communicate in the game.

If the above fix does not work, you can also try this common solution. It often resolves basic problems.

  1. Update Audio Drivers:
    • Go to Device Manager in Windows.
    • Look for “Audio Inputs and Outputs”.
    • Right-click on Mic and Speaker Drivers.
    • Select “Update Drivers”.
    • This will download and install the latest drivers.
    • After updating, restart your system.
    • Check if the issue is resolved in the game.
  2. Check Audio Settings:
    • The problem might be due to the mic being on mute.
    • Go to the options menu in Helldivers 2.
    • Enter the Audio tab.
    • In Voice Chat settings, select the “Open Microphone” option.
    • This might fix the issue if the mic was muted.
  3. Wait for a Game Patch:
    • Helldivers 2 has had performance issues since launch.
    • Arrowhead Game Studios releases periodic fixes.
    • A future update might address the audio issues.
    • Always keep the game updated.
  4. Contact Support Team:
    • If the issue persists, contact Arrowhead Support.
    • The support team can help resolve the problem.

That’s our guide on fixing the Helldivers 2 Mic Not Working issue. We hope it helps you. If it works, please share it and comment below.

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