8 Ways to Fix the Starfield Cargo Link Not Working Issue

Starfield is a video game made by Bethesda Game Studios and released by Bethesda Softworks.

In Starfield, a Cargo Link is a structure that moves goods between outposts. You can build them at any outpost, with no limits.

However, some players face the Starfield Cargo Link not working issue. Cargo Links move various items like weapons, armor, and more, making them handy for managing resources.

If you’re experiencing the Starfield Cargo Link not working issue, this article can help you resolve it.

Why is Starfield Cargo Link Not Working?

Why is Starfield Cargo Link Not Working?

Starfield Cargo Link not working properly can be due to several reasons, including:

  1. Items Too Large or Heavy: Cargo Links have weight limits; items exceeding this limit won’t transfer.
  2. Incompatible Items: Cargo Links work with specific item types; incompatible items won’t transfer.
  3. Lack of Power: Cargo Links need power to operate; without it, they won’t work.
  4. Game Bugs: Some players have reported bugs in the game causing Cargo Links to malfunction.

How to Fix Cargo Link Not Working in Starfield?

If you’re facing the “Can’t finish cargo link mission in Starfield” issue, here are some ways to fix the Starfield Cargo Link not working problem:

1. Check Cargo Link Locations

Ensure your Cargo Links are correctly placed within the same star system. Cargo Links can only function when transferring items between outposts in the same system. If placed in different systems, they won’t work as expected.

2. Check the Power Supply of the Cargo Links

Check if the Cargo Links are receiving power. To do this, interact with them and look for a power icon. If it’s red, the Cargo Link isn’t powered. Make sure they are connected to a power source to function correctly.

3. Avoid Restricted Areas

Avoid placing Cargo Links in restricted zones such as near settlements or in restricted airspace. They won’t function in these areas, so double-check their placement to ensure they’re in an unrestricted zone.

4. Adjust Cargo Link Distance

The distance between Cargo Links can impact their performance. Experiment with their placement by moving them closer to each other. Sometimes, optimizing their proximity can resolve the issue.

5. Disable Mods

Modifications can occasionally disrupt the game’s functionality. If you’re using mods, try disabling them to check if this resolves the problem. Sometimes, mods can conflict with the game’s code, causing issues.

6. Restart the Game

A simple restart can often fix minor bugs. Quit the game and restart it to refresh its state. This can help with issues that may be caused by temporary glitches.

7. Update the Game

To ensure your Starfield game runs smoothly, keep it up to date. Game developers frequently release updates to squash bugs, so having the latest version can help resolve issues.

8. Contact Bethesda Support

If none of the above steps work and your Starfield Cargo Link issue persists, consider reaching out to Bethesda Support for personalized assistance. You can contact them through their website and submit a ticket detailing your problem. They may provide specific solutions to address your issue.

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