Plex Subtitles Not Working or Showing? Here’s How to Fix It

Experiencing Plex Subtitle Not Working problem? Don’t worry You’re not alone. This is a common issue that can have various causes.

Recently, Many People on Reddit have been talking about problems like Plex subtitles not working, not showing, or not loading.

In this article, we’ll guide you through troubleshooting steps to help resolve Plex subtitles not working or showing as expected.

Why is Plex Subtitle Not Working?

Here are some reasons why subtitles are not working on Plex:

  1. Internet Connection: A weak or unstable internet connection can affect Plex’s ability to fetch subtitles from online sources.
  2. Server or Library Issues: Problems with your Plex server or library can interfere with subtitle functionality.
  3. Wrong File Format: If your subtitle file isn’t in a compatible format, Plex can’t use it.
  4. Subtitle Selection: Sometimes, subtitles are not set as the default option or are not selected during playback.
  5. Outdated Plex Version: Using an outdated Plex version might lead to subtitle issues.
  6. Subtitle File Mismatch: The subtitle file’s name should match the video file’s name for Plex to recognize it.

How to Fix “Plex Subtitle Not Working or Showing” Problem?

If you’re facing the Plex subtitle not showing a problem, follow the below steps one by one to resolve it:

1. Check Subtitle File Name and Placement

Make sure your subtitle file is named correctly and is in the same folder as the video file.

2. Verify Subtitle Encoding

Ensure your subtitle files are encoded in a format Plex supports, such as UTF-8, UTF-16, or Windows-1252.

3. Check the Subtitle File Format

Ensure your subtitle file is in the right format, like SRT or VTT, as Plex works best with these formats. Incorrect formats can lead to subtitle issues.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection

A strong, stable internet connection is essential for Plex to fetch online subtitles. Ensure your connection is reliable.

5. Check Plex Server and Library

If your Plex server or library is causing issues, troubleshoot and fix any problems. A healthy server and library are crucial for proper subtitle functioning.

6. Enable Plex Subtitles

Open the Plex server app, go to Settings > Languages and confirm that “Subtitle mode” is set to “Always enabled.

5. Check the Subtitle File Format

Always ensure your subtitle file is in a compatible format, such as SRT or VTT, to work smoothly with Plex. Different formats may cause issues.

7. Update Plex Media Server

Make sure you’re using the latest Plex Media Server version. Outdated versions may contain bugs affecting subtitles.

8. Try a Different Subtitle Agent

Experiment with different subtitle agents. If using a third-party agent like, change it in Settings > Agents.

9. Refresh Your Metadata

After adding or altering subtitle files, refresh your metadata by visiting the library with the video and clicking the “Refresh” button.

10. Restart Plex Media Server

Sometimes, a simple restart helps. Restart your Plex Media Server by going to Settings > General and clicking the “Restart” button.

11. Seek Community Help

If all else fails, seek help from the Plex community or support. They might have specific solutions for your particular issue.

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