Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13: A Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing It

If you are a Hulu user, you might have come across the troubling RUNUNK13 error while attempting to play a movie or show. This error can be quite frustrating. However, worry not, as we have several solutions to help you resolve it.

In this article, we will talk about the typical solutions for fixing Hulu error code RUNUNK13. We’ll also delve into the causes of this error, helping you prevent future occurrences.

What causes Hulu error code RUNUNK13?

Hulu error code RUNUNK13 may arise due to several factors. These include:

  1. Internet connection problems.
  2. Device data corruption.
  3. Outdated Hulu app or browser.
  4. Hulu server issues.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13?

Follow the below steps one by one to fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection

If Hulu is showing the RUNUNK13 error, ensure your internet is working well. You can restart your router or try another network.

2. Clear Your Device Data

Sometimes, data on your device can become corrupted, causing errors. Clear the cache and cookies in your browser or app settings.

3. Update the Hulu App or Browser

Outdated apps or browsers may lead to errors. Make sure your Hulu app or browser is up to date for smoother streaming.

4. Check Hulu’s Server Status

Check Server Status

If the issue persists, verify Hulu’s server status. Sometimes, the problem may be on their end, causing errors.

5. Disable VPN or Proxy


If you’re using a VPN or proxy, try disconnecting them. They can sometimes interfere with Hulu’s streaming.

6. Disable Browser Extensions

Sometimes browser extensions may cause conflicts with Hulu. Temporarily disable them to see if it resolves the error.

7. Restart Your Device

Sometimes a simple device restart can resolve Hulu errors. Turn off your device, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

7. Contact Hulu Support

If none of the above fixes work then reach out to Hulu’s support. They can provide specific solutions for your problem.

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