How to Fix Blooket Not Working Issue in 2024

The Blooket website is a cool place where teachers and students can make and play educational games. You can try out different game modes like Tower Defense, Battle Royale, and Racing. But, sadly, some folks run into issues with the Blooket Website not working on their web browsers.

Recently, many Blooket users have reported problems such as the website not loading, not opening, or giving an access denied message. This can be frustrating for students and teachers who rely on Blooket for learning and engagement.

In this article, we will talk about why is Blooket not working and provide you with solutions to fix it.

Why Is Blooket Not Working Today?

Why Is Blooket Not Working Today?

There are a few reasons why the Blooket might not be working on your browser. Some common causes include:

  • Server Issues: Sometimes, the Blooket Website experiences server problems or downtime, causing it to be slow or unavailable.
  • Maintenance or Updates: The website could be undergoing maintenance or updates, temporarily making it inaccessible.
  • Network Problems: Sometimes, the issue might be with your internet or the company that gives you the internet. If your internet is slow or keeps going on and off, it can make it tough to use the website.
  • Browser Issues: Outdated web browsers or compatibility problems with the Blooket Website can be a factor. Try clearing your browser cache or using a different browser to check.
  • Device Problems: The device you’re using may be causing the problem. Test accessing the website from another device to see if the issue persists.

How to Fix the “Blooket Website Not Working” Issue?

If you’re also encountering difficulties accessing the Blooket Website, you should try the following methods one by one:

1. Check the Server Status

Check Server Status

To start, see if the Blooket Website has server problems or is temporarily down. You can do this by going to a site like “downdetector.” If the Blooket server is having issues, you’ll have to wait until it’s fixed and working again

2. Check Your Network Connection

Check Internet Connection

Make sure your internet is working well. If not, you can try these steps: ensure your modem or router is running smoothly, and test the website with mobile data to see if the issue continues.

3. Clear Browser Cache and Data

Clear Cache & Cookies

If the Blooket Website Still Doesn’t Work on Your Browser, try clearing your browser’s memory. Here’s how for Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Go to “More Tools.”
  4. Choose “Clear Browsing Data.”
  5. Pick how far back you want to clean.
  6. Check the boxes.
  7. Click “Clear Data.”

This should help make the Blooket Website work better on your browser.

4. Try a Different Browser

If you are still facing problems, try using a different web browser. Sometimes, certain websites work better with specific browsers due to compatibility issues.

5. Disable Browser Extensions


Sometimes, extensions in your web browser can mess up websites. To find out if they’re causing problems, try this:

  • Turn off all extensions one by one.
  • Then, check if the website works better.
  • This can help you find the troublemaker.

6. Update Your Browser

Keeping your browser up to date is important. It helps websites work better. So, make sure to update your browser regularly.

7. Try Another Device

Check Device Compatibility

Check if the Blooket works on a different device like a smartphone or tablet. This can show if the problem is only on one device.

8. Contact Blooket Support

If none of the earlier fixes work and you still have trouble, think about asking Blooket’s customer support for help. They might know about any problems or can guide you on how to solve your particular issue.

By following these steps one by one, you can increase the chances of resolving the Blooket Website not working issue and get back to enjoying educational games on the platform.

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